Tax measure on ballot could burden local governments |

Tax measure on ballot could burden local governments

Before you vote on Proposition 101 and Constitutional Amendments 60 and 61, here are several questions to ponder. I have listened to an attorney who explained the details of each of these ballot issues. They seem very complex with a number of unanswered questions. If these pass, it appears that towns, school districts and so on will need to hire lawyers and accountants to help them understand and comply with the new laws. Question: Is this the best use of our precious tax dollars and our public servants’ time?

From the analysis of impacts on budgets it appears the loss of revenue could be huge, which leads to the second question to ponder. Going to the voters to approve financial requests on an ongoing basis has a number of problems. First, there is the uncertainty of an election outcome and again elections take time and money and they also delay key decisions until after the election. The easiest path may be to ask for financial help from our fine folks in Washington, D.C. With their money always comes more rules and control. Look at what has happened over the last couple years to health care, auto companies, home mortgages, college student loan programs, banking and other financial service industries. Question to ponder: Would you prefer that the Washington politicians and bureaucrats make decisions for our towns, schools, fire departments, libraries and recreation districts rather than local people we know personally? This could be the unintended consequence of voting for these ballot issues.

Finally, like many of you I am extremely concerned over the debt our Federal government is piling up on our children and grandchildren. Our Federal government debt and its unfunded promises amounts to $200,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. Don’t you think our anger should be focused at the Federal level , not at our hard working public servants at the local level?

Mike Sargent

Winter Park

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