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Teen edition" Did You Know? April Fool’s Day

Rachel Linke
Middle Park High School senior
Granby, Colorado

Happy All Fools Day. This day of tricks and laughs originated back in 1582, when the ancient cultures then celebrated the new year around April 1st. Pope Gregory XIII replaced the current Julian Calendar with the new Gregorian Calendar, which celebrated the new year on Jan. 1. After the change, many people refused to follow it or simply did not know about it. The people who knew about it started to make fun of these people who continued to follow the old calendar with New Years on April 1. Those who had adapted to the new calendar would send them on “fools errands” or try and trick them into believing something not true. This eventually spread to the rest of Europe. Today, many people wait all year for Aprils Fools’ Day and the perfect excuse to play a prank.

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