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Teen Views: Ask Aschulee

Dear Aschulee,

Why did you not write your articles?

Affectionately yours,

Michaela Gibboni

Dear Michaela,

My articles aren’t written because this weekend I worked like a big girl and didn’t have time for the important things in life such as ice cream sandwiches and creative expression. I didn’t truly remember that I was supposed to have my articles until this morning when Mozart awoke me. Then I stared at the wall for sometime, wondering why I was losing sleep and wasting time on such a thing as a shower. Personal hygiene? Ugh… after the grueling process of getting ready for yet another day of school, I ambled to school, where I ate a melty cookie, prepared by ladies in hairnets, and sat down to something for creative writing, but the sticky “j” key stopped me from being productive.

And that, Michaela, is why my articles aren’t done.

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