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Teen Views: Nonexistent memory

Emily Abbott
MPHS senior
Grand County, Colorado

He walked into the house he’d never seen before, surrounded by people he’d never met before, and was handed a drink he’s never tried before. Then another and another. He played a game he’d never played before, drank more than he’d ever drunk before, and cried more than he’d ever cried before, surrounded by people he’d never met before.

The music was loud, the high schoolers louder, and the ball splashed into the back cup. Someone he’d never met before drank the drink he hadn’t tried before, and on the game went, until he felt like he’d never felt before. He lay on a couch he’d never seen before, only to sleep harder than he’d ever slept before.

The morning woke him more abruptly than ever before, and his head hurt like never before. He puked up things he’d never consumed before in the house he’d never seen before. He thought back to the night before, and couldn’t remember what happened before. He couldn’t remember what happened the night before in that house he’d never been before, surrounded by the people he’d never met before, drinking drinks he’d never drunk before.

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