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Teen Views: Stick to your roots

Bradley Hilton
MPHS senior
Grand County, Colorado

Do you still break out the dusty vinyl and drop the needle? Or pop in and rewind the tape to get to the A side? At least wipe down the compact disc with your T-shirt to make sure it’s skip-free? Don’t feel like your not keeping up with the technology of the youth, or jumping on the digital bandwagon. It’s not all the hype it claims to be.

The fact is, a lot of the original audio quality is lost when a song is compressed into near nothing, loaded through a computer or two, and stuffed onto a digital music player. The Internet does make almost all music ever recorded (legal and illegal) accessible within a few clicks, so you can’t go wrong there … BUT …

A concept I find hard to grasp ” do I really have my own copy of this music if it only exists on a list in my iTunes library? The answer is “no.” Any virus or incompetent computer glitch will erase my digitalized music collection without any hard feelings. However, if I can hold in my own bare hands an overstuffed CD case, or flip through a record collection held in old milk crates, I do feel like I have that music.

Buying digitally through an online store takes all the fun out of walking through a music store/head shop and picking out the perfect album to add to your collection. While the new age of MP3 players and digital downloads seems flashy and cool, stick with what you know. Old technology will not let you down.

More and more bands are starting to put out new releases on vinyl today, because it’s the real deal. It’s the sound they want you to hear. Support your favorite artists and physically purchase their albums at an independent music store, it will be an overall more genuine experience.

Don’t worry. When the next millennium comes around and wipes out all computer databases, you and I will be spinning vinyl and loading up our five-disc changers for the future.

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