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Texting while driving is a bad idea, and it happens to be illegal

After speaking with you personally about my court-ordered letter, I have rewritten my task of attempting to redeem myself, to the editor, as instructed.

I have survived far worse adversity in my life than to be defeated by my own carelessness, which was text-messaging myself right off of Red Dirt Hill. I am a single mom with a son to raise, so dying foolishly is not an option.

I must apologize to my family, to the community I endangered, and to you, sir, for having to bear witness to my public plea.

There are no accidents. I was hurt, but spared; perhaps to caution the rest of you all, to pause, before multitasking your way though an unremarkable stretch of road. The life you save might be your own.

Please, arrive alive – don’t text and drive. Thank you.

Shannon Pace Hernandez

Grand Lake

Editor’s note: This newspaper is not part of the judicial system and is thus inclined to reject court-ordered letters as an unauthorized misappropriation of our resources, but the above letter was sufficiently concise and well composed that we ran it anyway.

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