Thanks goes to help on the trail race series |

Thanks goes to help on the trail race series

As we wrap up the first Run the Ranches trail race series, some final thanks are due to those who made the final races such a success. Big thanks to the Fosha family at Drowsy Water Ranch, it is no wonder you received #1 all inclusive resort in the world! Devils Thumb Ranch, spectacular as ever, and Igor: thank you. And thanks also to Janene and Mike and the great crew at Snow Mountain Ranch. Megan Ledin and Natascha O’Flaherty were a big help in getting the word out. We could not have done it without super stellar volunteers: Deb Hess, Abbi Wittman, Chris Bettey, Stephanie Jakob and Danya Anderson. Thanks again to our sponsors: The Grand County Tourism Board and Winter Park-Fraser Chamber of Commerce and also to Chipotle and Spot on Promotions. And kudos to all the runners…see you for the 2011 Run the Ranches Series.

Maura Mcknight


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