The Graduation Horoscope, June 6, 2009 |

The Graduation Horoscope, June 6, 2009

Brittany Gardner
Middle Park High School senior

It was partly cloudy and sunny on the graduation day of the senior class at Middle Park High School, June 6, 2009. Families and friends came from far and wide for the occasion. The gymnasium, packed with people, never looked so beautiful. Girls giggled into each other’s ears and guys rocked on their heels, reminiscing about “good times.” One would have thought this would have been the best graduation ceremony ever, until the school’s principal lost her voice trying to hustle the graduates into order and the vice principal called in sick with the chicken pox.

Ten of the graduates tripped over their own feet walking to their seats, and eight were sighted picking their noses in anticipation of the momentous walk. One of the valedictorians-why there is more than one I will never understand- got the hiccups as a result of kissing her boyfriend too aggressively before the ceremony.

Nevertheless, each senior had a glimmer in their eyes, whether it was of joy, anticipation, sadness, love, thanks, appreciation, accomplishment, regret, hope, relief, or a combination of them all. Their stories lived in their souls and were painted through their eyes.

Some looked eager to accept their diploma and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Others appeared to be holding back tears. And there were those who went up to classmates just to tell them what they meant to them or how they were glad to have gone to school with such a great person.

The class speaker spoke with ease and proudly represented her graduating seniors. The ceremony had ended and the time had come. There were cheers of triumph, cries of pride, and in the end, diplomas were received, caps were thrown, embraces were accepted, and smiles were spread by all, from the class of 2009.