The Grand County BYOB Project kick your bag habit |

The Grand County BYOB Project kick your bag habit

As of March 1, 27 mountain towns began competing in the 2009 Colorado Association of Ski Towns (CAST) Reusable Bag Challenge, a friendly competition to determine which town can minimize its use of disposable bags the most.The competition will end Sept. 1. Community organizers in competing towns have been working with municipal governments, local businesses and grocery stores to prepare for the challenge. In Grand County, The Grand BYOB Project representing Winter Park, Fraser and Granby is working hard to organize the program and get local retailers, as well as the public, on board.Local participating stores will be responsible for tallying every reusable bag used or purchased by a customer at checkout. The winner will be determined on a per-capita basis by which community uses the most reusable bags during the six-month period. The winning town will receive a $5,000 grant from Alpine Bank to install a solar panel system at a public school. The second place winner will receive a $1,000 grant, courtesy of Safeway.The Grand BYOB Project is sponsored by Rendezvous Colorado, Winter Park Resort, O2 Creative, Mountain Parks Electric and the Winter Park-Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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