The Juniper Library 2011 Scary Story Contest Winners |

The Juniper Library 2011 Scary Story Contest Winners

First Grade 1st Place= Molly Everhart


One dark and scary Halloween night I was dressed up as a frog. I was trick or treting for candy. A werewolf started

to chase me. It caught up to me and bit me on the leg. It hert like crazy!

It didn’t stop biting me. I punched him in the nose, it bit me harder.

That hert crazy, crazy! The cops came to help me by shooting the werewolf until he ran away. I chased it in a 4 wheeler and I wanted to know if it was a costume. So I caught him and pulled off the mask. I saw a persons head, it was my brothers Corey, Caleb, Cadin, Cody the whole time! Then I saw a real werewolf with red eyes, it chased all of us to my house and then we slammed the door on it. The end

First Grade 2nd Place= Brady Paugh

“Me and Luke and the Lions”

Me and Luke fell off the gate at the zoo. Me and Luke landed in the grass. It was soft. We were where the lions were. We got chased by the lions. I hid from the lions and Luke kept running. I was scared. Luke was scared too. The lions found me and they ROARED! I ran away and the lions kept chasing me. I found Luke and we made a trap. We made a big box. The box was in the air and there was a rope. We were holding the rope. We waited for the lions and the lions came and we dropped the box. The lions roared so loud Luke and I shook!

And we lived happily ever after! And that’s the end of my creepy story!

Second Grade 1st Place= Jenna King

“The Worst Halloween Ever”

Once upon a Halloween night I was going trik-or-treating. I was a pink bat. I was skipping along. I got to the first house on the street. The lady was a witch. I did not know she was a witch. She said, “come in dear.” She gave me lots of candy. She made me sit in her bath tub with my bat costume on. For some reason I sat in her bathtub. She started sliceing vegetables in the bath tub. I jumped out of the bath tub. I ran out of her house. She said “come back you were my dinner NO!” I got to a cliff. I was running too fast. I fell in to the cliff. There were bats, ghosts, frankenstein, a witch and vampires. The bats taught me how to fly. The ghosts taught me how to blend in to stuff. Frankinstine taught me how to walk like Frankenstein. The witch taught me how to put a spell on stuff. Last but not least the vampires gave me sharp teeth. Soon I was the best. Everybody was scard of me. When I put the spells on people they did what I told them to do. It was the worst Halloween ever for them.

Third Grade 1st Place= Ruthie Everhart


The Halloween when I was 8 years old it was dark and gloomy. The wind was so loud that you could hear the wind howling

like a werewolf. I am walking out of my house and I am in a fairy costume.

I am with my friends and I am going to a party and the party is at the park.

As we are walking ghosts pop out of a coat. The coat is being worn by a boy that past us on the road. The ghosts fly around us, but we don’t even see them. Suddenly we all see them. We all start to run to the party. We are

almost there! The ghosts are flying faster and we are running faster!

Suddenly we see the door. Fifty more steps until we are at the door, five more steps. Now we are on the steps and we are there! We rushed inside and slammed the door. We had fun without the ghosts!

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