The Open Book: Looking back and moving on |

The Open Book: Looking back and moving on

Michaela Gibboni
Middle Park High School senior
Open Book editor
Grand County, Colorado

As the end of senior year approaches, I look back on one of the greatest products of my high school career: The Open Book. It certainly wasn’t an easy road, trying to create this newspaper.

In nearly two meager years of existence, The Open Book faced opposition, lack of interest, censorship, and as a result, many school board meetings. But with negatives come positives, and we certainly had plenty. When no teacher wanted anything to do with the “controversial” high school newspaper, Mr. Joe Kelley stepped up. When nobody wanted to print it, Sky-Hi Daily News did. When nobody wanted to write, a small group of dedicated seniors came, interested. And when people dropped it on the floor, somebody else always picked it up, wanting to read it. When it felt like there was nobody, there was always somebody. And for that, I say “thank you.”

But also, to Middle Park High School, you’re welcome.

We, as the original members of The Open Book, gave something to the establishment that would not have existed without our hard work: a voice and mode of expression for the students.

Because of our efforts, the district has installed a Journalism class in the curriculum for upcoming years, and I like to think of it as a product of our diligence.

The Open Book has been my baby, and I nurtured it and cared for it. It was nourished by the attention of some great writers and supporters, and now it is large enough to go off on its own. The Open Book is grown up, and can take its own path in the world, changing its name or changing its diet. Thank you again to you readers in the community, and no matter where it goes from here, always remember the original Open Book.