The perfect wildlife viewing opportunity, kits |

The perfect wildlife viewing opportunity, kits

Photo by Todd Holzworth2 of 7 kits were running around County Road 8 on May 17.

FRASER – Winter Park resident Todd Holzwarth witnessed a testament to spring recently when he discovered seven kits near Fraser on County Road 8.

“It’s typical that foxes have multiple kits in a litter, and that they move back and forth to multiple dens,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Scott Murdock.

“The biggest thing is to leave them alone.”

The kits likely will stay with their mother for most of the summer.

Foxes are notorious for becoming tame when people feed them, which is illegal and can be a ticketed violation.

“It creates a dependency, and it is not the best situation when there are kids and pets around,” Murdock said.

Wildlife officers have been dealing with foxes and their kits regularly in all municipalities. Foxes can eat a cat or small dogs, and they can also carry diseases such as rabies, distemper and mange. However rabid foxes are rare in Grand County, Murdoch said.

“Right now the kits are looking scraggly, but are the perfect wildlife viewing opportunity.” he said.