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Tim T. Schowalter: Obama can’t wait for the Constitution

To the Editor:

President Obama has been campaigning this year that we can’t wait for Congress. What he really means is HE can’t wait for the constitution.

If a law gets in his way – he breaks it. If there is a law he doesn’t like – he doesn’t enforce it. And if he can’t pass a law – he appoints bureaucrats to change it without congressional approval.

He has been put on the 10 most corrupt U.S. officials list by Judicial Watch. I could fill the whole paper with examples but I only get 400 words, so here goes.

His first act as president was to break our country’s bankruptcy laws. In a bankruptcy, the bondholders get what’s left of the company. In Obama’s auto bailout he gave the unions, whose excessive demands were a major part of the problem, $30 billion for their pension funds. He also gave them more equity in the company than the bondholders. The state of Indiana is suing Obama for stealing their pension money. Why did he do it? Simple, he gave away our taxpayer dollars to his single largest campaign contributor, unions. As crooked as it gets!

Obama decided that the U.S. marriage law was wrong and stopped enforcing it. In doing so he let government workers apply for same-sex benefits. He also decided he shouldn’t enforce the immigration laws except for criminals, and essentially broadcasted to all potential illegal immigrants that if you don’t get arrested – you won’t get deported. Judicial Watch is suing him for breaking U.S. law. The Congress voted overwhelmingly not to fund any more Acorn projects, but he wants to get re-elected and is funding more election law corruption by new Acorn organizations.

He couldn’t pass the card check bill, which removes the right of a secret ballot in union elections. So he appointed union zealots to the National Labor Relation Board and they have already removed workers rights of a secret ballot in a union election at Kaiser Permanente. The National Right to Work Committee is suing him for this one. He couldn’t pass the Cap and Trade bill, but is now enforcing it through the EPA. Southeast Legal foundation is suing him for taxation without representation.

So in summary, Obama acts like a dictator and is being sued on many fronts for breaking and not enforcing existing U.S. laws. Vote out the would-be dictator!

Tim T. Schowalter