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Tim T. Schowalter: Obama’s ‘energy policy’ riddled with inconsistencies

To the Editor:

Now that oil is back up to $100-plus a barrel, Obama is spouting nice words but no plan of action. Not only do his words carry no action, they are distortions and outright lies about what he has done in the last two years and what he plans to do. He has increased our dependence on foreign oil, not decreased it.

First, he capriciously shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, putting 80,000 people out of work and reducing oil production. Most of those rigs have taken long-term contracts in other countries and the rigs and jobs won’t come back for years. Ironically, by executive order he gave $2 billion to Brazil to drill in their deep water offshore. So, we can’t drill for American oil but we are paying money to the 5th largest economy in the world to drill in the same environment that he shut down in the U.S. This has to be one of the most corrupt give-aways in American history as one of the owner’s of the Brazilian company is George Soros, a major Obama supporter.

Under Obama, leasing on federal lands has been decreased by 75 percent. It now takes two to three years to get a lease and a permit to drill. Thank goodness Obama only controls drilling on federal lands.

By contrast on state lands you could be drilling in 30 days. U.S. oil production is going up and Obama claims credit but he has done nothing to help. Production is up because oil companies are finding new oil fields, mainly in North Dakota on private lands.

Obama’s stimulus package gave billions of dollars of our money to subsidize high priced wind and solar projects. Wind and solar project energy do nothing to decrease our dependence on foreign oil as we only generate 1 percent of our electricity from oil. Obama also plans to continue to subsidize bio fuels, which take as much energy to make as they deliver and raising food costs in the process.

If we want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil we need to drill in America. Wake up America, Obama is making us more dependent on foreign oil – not less. He also wants to implement his Cap and Trade bill which will make your energy cost skyrocket, all for the sake of the global warming hoax.

Tim T. Schowalter


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