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Tim T. Schowalter: The dark side of forced unionism

To the Editor:

The unions have been and will continue to be in the news until the election. The liberal media always portrays unions in a favorable way.

What are the dark sides of forced unionism that the press is not telling you? One of many is union violence. Here are some recent examples.

Violent strikes took place last year in Longview, Wash., where union thugs overwhelmed local police and did $150,000 damage to a terminal. Recent intimidation by union organizers occurred at a NYC Marriott where Gisel Rodrigues was photographed while changing into her work uniform.

Remember the union strike in Puerto Rico where union goons set fire to a hotel killing 100? According to the National Right to Work Committee there have been 12,000 acts of union violence reported in the media since 1975.

Where does the federal government stand on this issue? Unfortunately federal law permits violence. The 1973 Enmons decision by the Supreme Court protects union bosses and strikers from being prosecuted for violence and vandalism in support of legitimate union objectives. That means that if a state is overwhelmed by a large union strike, the federal government can’t step in to stop the violence or to prosecute the guilty.

Many union bosses got voted into power because they were good at organizing violent strikes. Richard Trumka, the current head of the CIA, organized a strike when he was president of the United Mine Workers that killed Eddy York. Trumka was charged but not convicted; in fact no one was convicted for that murder by union thugs.

So where do the political parties stand on this one? The Republicans have introduced HR 4074, the Freedom From Union Violence Act. A similar bill has been put forth in the Senate.

Obama and all Democrats are lined up to oppose the bill. They don’t even want it to come up for a vote, as they don’t want to go on record in favor of union violence. Why do they oppose the bill? It’s simple: Unions are the single largest campaign contributor to just about every Democrat in Washington and the beaten up workers be damned.

So before you vote for any Democrat, including Obama, ask them where they stand on this bill and ask yourself: Are you going to vote for union violence?

Tim T. Schowalter