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Tim T. Schowalter: What has Obama actually changed?

To the Editor:

Now that Obama is running for re-election, it is a good time to review if he lived up to his hype. By my count he has not keep a single campaign promise. The only change I have seen is a change to brass knuckle Chicago-type politics.

He promised transparency and open negotiations on C-Span for the health care bill and we got closed-door meetings to buy the last five votes in the House to pass Obamacare. We were promised that bills would be put on the Internet for five days before he signed a bill; he broke that promise on every bill. He promised no “Ear Marks” but he did not lift a finger to stop them.

He promised to have the most vetted appointments ever and we got tax cheats and an avowed Communist. He promised accountability and we got a record number of czars that are responsible to no one but Obama, yet the taxpayers pay their salaries.

He promised to focus on jobs but 90 percent of his cabinet and czars have never worked for anyone but the government and don’t have a clue what it takes to create a private sector job.

He promised not to listen to special interest groups, but if you look at the failed stimulus bills and the bailouts they were the biggest payoff in U.S. history to special interest groups – the special interest groups that paid for Obama’s and the Democrats campaigns. Those groups are the big banks, government workers, auto unions, teachers, alternative energy companies, etc. How else can you look at the failed stimulus bill when the employees of Granby each got a check for $1,700? How does that stimulate the economy? It doesn’t, but it buys votes.

He also promised to be bipartisan but he wouldn’t even talk to the Republicans on the health care bill until he did not have a filibuster-proof Senate.

What did he accomplish? He passed the 2,000-plus page Obamacare bill that was opposed by 60 percent of U.S. voters. He passed the 2,000-plus page financial reform bill, which will still bailout the banks if they fail again.

I don’t see any change for the better or hope for America if he is re-elected, and I will be campaigning for whoever runs against Obama.

Tim T. Schowalter


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