To the editor: Church |

To the editor: Church

To the Editor:

In regard to Ms. Rose’s letter about being scared, I thought she should know what is REALLY scary.

It’s scary that while Medicare and Social Security are running out of money, President Obama actually decreased the payroll withholding tax that funds them. It’s scary that this president has increased our national debt by over 30 percent, and it has now reached more than $16 trillion. If our nation goes bankrupt, like some of the socialist countries of Europe, we will lose a lot more than our Social Security and Medicare, and that is even scarier.

It’s scary that our president bypasses the balance of powers set up in the Constitution by doing whatever he wants by executive order. It’s scary that the most influential people in our president’s life have been avowed Communists, one of whom even attempted to blow up the Pentagon. It’s scary that President Obama whispered to Russian President Medvedev, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” But the scariest thing ever is that he may actually get re-elected!

Diane Church

Grand Lake

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