To the editor: Zendegui |

To the editor: Zendegui

To the Editor:

Well here we go again and again, more completely unsubstantiated and made-up accusations against the president and Democrats

Claims of armies of Illegal aliens 5,000 strong lurking around polling places ready to cast their felonious votes at the expense of hard-working, patriotic Republicans. It would be funny if it wasn’t so deliberately deceitful.

Had anything even remotely as fraudulent as Mr. Budisavljevic claims taken place during the last general election, I am sure that we would be hearing nothing else from the Republicans. And where are the indictments and all the other legal remedies applied to these situations? Are we to believe that Republicans are just letting them “slide?”

Keep throwing lies against the wall, GOP; there are lots of uninformed people out there, maybe one will stick.

Bill Zendegui


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