Town of Fraser finalizes 2014 budget |

Town of Fraser finalizes 2014 budget

Reid Tulley

Some of the new expenditures the Town of Fraser is planning for 2014 include increased funding to economic development programs, money for environmental sustainability planning, and $2.25 million for an upcoming Fraser U.S. Highway 40 Enhancement project.

The highway enhancement project would consist of signalization and capacity improvements to the south end of town and would be funded in part by Grand Park, Rendezvous, and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

The town does not anticipate changing any of the services it provides its residents in the coming year, though is planning on increasing water and wastewater rates by 8 percent for all residents and implementing a special assessment fee of $28.25 a quarter for Blue Zone water users. The special assessment fee would raise $100,000 for the town to begin the process of identifying and analyzing alternatives for water augmentation storage for the town.

The town has also budgeted $40,000 for enhanced digital records management that would work to transfer the town's old paper records to a digital format to allow for easier access for residents.

The town elected to budget $100,000 for an open space project that would be identified later in the year. The $100,000 would be used to leverage additional grant funding for the project selected by the town's council.

The Fraser Town Board is set to approve the 2014 budget on Dec. 11, with $6.9 million in projected revenues and $8.5 million in projected expenditures.

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