Town of Fraser seeks proposals for tree removal |

Town of Fraser seeks proposals for tree removal

The Fraser Board of Trustees continues to work toward a tree management plan for the beetle kill in town limits.

Town staff drafted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find out what loggers would charge per tree under a contract with the town to remove beetle kill trees from private property.

The hope is that the bulk rate will make tree removal more affordable for those homeowners who still haven’t been able to clear their property.

If the proposed bulk rate is reasonable, Fraser property owners who have hazardous trees will be given access to the town’s bulk rate.

The Fraser board hopes offering an affordable bulk rate for tree removal will be the second part in a three-phase forest management strategy. The first part was the town clearing its own open space. The third phase, if homeowners don’t take advantage of the bulk rate, will be mandated tree removal.

Frodo Farmers Market

At last week’s Fraser Board of Trustees meeting, town manager Jeff Durbin offered an update on the progress of the Frodo Farmer’s Market ” to be held every Sunday from June to the end of the summer in downtown Fraser.

The farmers market will be held on the investment property owned by Fraser for a someday mixed-use development.

“The farmers market is coming along,” Durbin said. “We’re getting applications for insurance and talking to vendors.

“I’m optimistic that we’re doing great.”