Town of Granby approves loan for Moraine Park |

Town of Granby approves loan for Moraine Park

Jessica Smith

The Town of Granby Board of Trustees approved a loan agreement between the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development authority and the Town of Granby on Tuesday, Sept. 25, paving the way to fix a long-standing water problem.

The purpose of the loan is to repair the water system that serves Moraine Park. The park, while surrounded by the town of Granby, is not officially a part of the town, and receives its water from a stand-alone system. The park supports approximately 46 water users.

Problems in the past have led to the necessity of fixing the water system. The loan comes from federal funds supplied to the Colorado Water Resources Development and Power Authority, which is administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

There will be no cost to the town of Granby, nor will the proceedings have anything to do with the Granby water supply and system.

“They have their own system now; it will remain their own system,” said Granby Town Manager Wally Baird. “They will replace the distribution lines and the service lines that are there now that are not adequate.”

Granby’s main interaction in the project will include assisting in the design of the improved system, and overseeing the construction, which will be carried out by a contractor.

Construction on the water system will most likely begin in the spring.

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