Town of Granby negotiates with State Land Board |

Town of Granby negotiates with State Land Board

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Granby, Colorado

The Town of Granby approved a preliminary plat for 38 acres owned by the State Land Board in a 5 to 2 decision on Tuesday.

“The Overlook at Granby” would comprise of about 48 lots bordering Grand Elk. State Land Board representatives at Granby’s town board meeting, Christopher Smith and contracted planner Katheryn Black, said the board plans to partner with a developer through a bid process in the future. Since the state is fiscally constrained this year and the economy remains in crisis, the State Land Board asked Granby trustees for a 10-year period to bring the preliminary plat to final plat, to which the town board granted in a vested rights agreement. Trustee Ken Coatney especially was concerned that road widths on a preliminary mapping of the development were not adequate for mountain conditions. Black countered that the roads were designed to be a continuation of Grand Elk’s roads, and exactly matched those in bordering Saddle Ridge and Eagle Ridge within the Grand Elk development.

The state prepares development of State Land Board properties to generate long-term income for schools.

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