Town of Grand Lake outlaws pot shops |

Town of Grand Lake outlaws pot shops

Reid Tulley

GRAND LAKE —The board of trustees for the Town of Grand Lake has outlawed recreational marijuana shops within town limits, saying it believes allowing pot shops would take a shot at the town’s reputation as a family destination.

The ordinance outlawing pot shops in the town was passed with five yes votes, one no vote, and one abstention, after a lengthy discussion on the topic, on Aug. 12 at town hall.

“I object to going against the electorate,” said Trustee Elmer Lanzi, who was the only dissenting vote.

Discussion took place on whether the board wanted to allow the voters of Grand Lake to weigh in on the issue during the upcoming election, however the board decided to take action during the meeting.

Mayor Burke cited 70 to 80 percent of residents in Grand Lake are second homeowners and are unable to vote. She stated she believed the board should protect the interests of homeowners while also protecting the reputation of the town as a family destination.

“They own property here and they spend money here,” Burke said. “They do, in effect, vote.”

The town still reserves the right to modify or retract the ordinance, as was stated by Trustee Jim Gasner.

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