Trail Ridge Road remains open at this time |

Trail Ridge Road remains open at this time

Despite that fact it is nearly mid-Nov. Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park remained open Thursday afternoon.

Trail Ridge Road has not yet been closed for the winter season and will remain officially open until weather conditions necessitate closing the road. Trail Ridge Road, also known as US Highway 34, could be closed on a temporary basis before officials formally declare the road closed for the winter. Changes in the status of Trail Ridge Road can occur at any moment due to the quickly changing weather conditions of alpine terrain.

Rocky Mountain National Park provides an automated recording with the most up to date information on the status of Trail Ridge Road for anyone considering making the trek. Citizens can quickly and easily check the current status of Trail Ridge Road by calling 970-586-1222.

Trail Ridge Road was officially closed for the winter last year on Oct. 30. The high alpine road had already been closed temporarily on Oct. 23 and heavy snowfall in the area forced the seasonal closure a week later. The Road reopened for the 2016 summer season at 11 a.m. on Sat. May 28.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road, meaning the road connects two separate locations and is not a loop route, in the United States. Approximately 11-miles of Trail Ridge Road are situated above 11,500 feet and the road’s highest point reaches 12,183 feet. Trail Ridge typically closes for the winter sometime around late Oct. or early Nov. and typically opens for the summer in late May.

Officials from Rocky typically close Trail Ridge Road on the western side of the Park near the Colorado River Trailhead. On the eastern side of the Park Trail Ridge Road is usually closed at Many Parks Curve. The exact location at which Park staff closes the road can change depending on weather.

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