Training saves son-in-law in Grand Lake |

Training saves son-in-law in Grand Lake

To the Editor:

I would like for the residents in the Grand Lake to know how thankful I am for the training given and the heroic efforts by Skip and Janice Peck, residents of the Grand Lake area.

Skip, who has been the golf coordinator at the Estes Park golf course for years, had been visiting my daughter and son-in-law at their home in Grand Lake on the evening of August 7. Right after Skip and his wife Janice, who also is a long-time employee of the Grand Lake golf course, had left to go home, my daughter found her husband in a recliner not breathing and with no detectable heart beat.

My daughter ran out the door screaming for help at Skip and Janice, who were backing out of the driveway. Returning, Skip and Janice quickly placed my son-in-law on the floor and began CPR. My daughter called 911 while Skip continued CPR until the paramedics arrived.

The CPR was done so professionally that the heartbeat and breathing had been re-established by the time the ambulance and paramedics arrived. I am of course very thankful for the heroic action and also for the golf course training by management that allowed for the saving of my son-in-law’s life.

Ted L. Roorda