Tree seedling orders being taken |

Tree seedling orders being taken

Grand County, CO Colorado

Middle Park Conservation District sent out order blanks for tree seedling sales in November. Anyone who has not received an order form can call the District office at 724-3456.

About 45 different species of shrubs and trees are available from the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery. Some come as bare root seedlings and others are in either 2-inch or 1-inch pots. Some species are sold in lots of 25 while others come in lots of 30. Everyone is encouraged to order early in order to get the trees they’re interested in. Some species sell out by Feb. 1.

If anyone needs information about what species are most appropriate for their property they can call the District office with questions. Customers should think about how much work they want to put into planting trees next spring, since the more they order the more trees they will have to plant. No care at all produces perhaps a 50 percent success rate, whereas proper watering and care for the first two to three years results in as high as a 90 percent success rate. However, the trees are not guaranteed by the District or by the nursery.

Trees will be available for pick up at the Grand County Fair Grounds in Kremmling in early May. The exact date will be announced later. The trees will be available for pick-up only one day, so as soon as customers know the date they should plan to set that day aside for a visit to Kremmling. Middle Park Conservation District is looking forward to receiving landowners’ order blanks soon. Call the office for more information.

Prices range from $26-$75.60 per lot.

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