Two construction projects underway in Fraser |

Two construction projects underway in Fraser

The construction project in Fraser at the intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and County Road 8 is Xcel Energy working on the high-pressure gas line that runs under the highway. The gas line is being replaced, according to Fraser Town Manager Jeff Durbin, and the crews have faced difficulties from running into rocks while digging so the project has taken longer than expected.

Another construction project underway in Fraser is taking place on Eisenhower Drive where crews are working to abandon a length of main water line that runs under the railroad tracks, according to Durbin. There was a water main break there last winter so the section will be abandoned due to deteriorating material that is prone to breaks. This is the first phase of the project that will be followed by additional new pipelines. Durbin said he is unsure if Fraser will be able to complete the additional work on the water line this year.

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