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U.S. ‘socialism’ is in the eye of the beholder

To the Editor:

I found myself thinking “back to the future” reading Ed Saltzman’s letter about Obama moving us toward socialism. John Belohlavek of The University of South Florida noted that Franklin Roosevelt was often referred to as “Red Roosevelt” and Father Coughlin called him “a Communist in a chair once occupied by Washington.”

Medicare when it was being proposed in the early 1960s was called “Socialized Medicine” and claims were made that senior citizens would not be able to choose their doctors. Sound familiar?

In reality, any role that government plays that “redistributes” revenue could be considered socialist. Public schools, subsidized lunch programs, farm subsidies, even police protection that provides more service calls to low income neighborhoods indicates our socialist leanings. Mr. Saltzman might be just fine with socialism when the government uses federal taxpayer dollars to improve the roads of Grand County or funds research to find a cure for cancer.

B.J. Reed

Omaha, Neb.