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United States should brace for ‘full steam ahead toward full-bore communism’

To the Editor:

Now that Barack Obama is about to be inaugurated, I decided to send this letter.

First I would like to thank those of you that voted for Republican candidates.

Second, If the rest of you think that I am going to congratulate you, you are nuts.

I can only think of one quote that even comes close to fitting the occasion. It’s from Jesus as he hung on the Cross. “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”

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Now you liberals have gotten what you wanted. It remains to be seen if you want what you’re going to get.

While I know that things are going to get tough for all of us, I cannot find any sympathy in my soul for you. Already the Colorado Legislature is getting ready to raise taxes. I’m not an economist, but I know that a country cannot “TAX” its way to a good economy.

As for you gun owners and shooters out there that voted for these people, you deserve whatever happens to you.

I have been following politics since 1965. Never in all that time did I ever have such a pessimistic outlook for the future of the United States as I do now. I truly believe that we are heading ,full steam ahead toward full-bore communism.

I truly hope that I’m wrong, and I will take no pleasure in it if I’m right.

Norm Benson


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