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Unwanted California Chihuahuas coming to Colorado

DENVER (AP) – Colorado is joining other states in trying to find homes for unwanted Chihuahuas from California.

A lover of the small dogs is paying to fly 100 of them to the Denver Dumb Friends League. The first shipment of 32 Chihuahuas, including dogs named DooDoo and Puffin, arrived Saturday courtesy of Leslie Capin.

The dermatologist is the owner of a Chihuahua who recently won a $1 million cutest dog contest. She’s donating the money to the Dumb Friends League and MaxFund.

Through movies like “Legally Blonde”, Hollywood helped popularize Chihuahuas and they became the companions to the rich and famous. But now many of them are being left in shelters in California.

California Chihuahuas have also been sent recently to shelters in New Hampshire and New York City.

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