Vanessa Benjamin-Rus: People are people no matter where you live |

Vanessa Benjamin-Rus: People are people no matter where you live

In reference to the May 23 story “Embezzler gets jail time,” one of the sad, yet factual things in life is that you truly may never know someone who you thought you could look up to and trust.

With the past embezzlement situation in Grand Lake (chamber of commerce), many wish to have an apology given back to the public by this individual who stole $20,000 or more in cash. The fact of the matter is that whether you live in a small town or a largely populated city, humans are humans and they’re bound to do whatever they feel is needed to get away with many crimes and downright lies. The best thing to do is remain informed and open minded to the fact that people may come off one way and then deceive you and the public in another. When it comes to money, people will put the general public at risk due to the fact that money seems to be far more important than the health, welfare and well-being of the public. People will put others on pedestals just due to the way they initially come off as being someone trustworthy. The best thing to do is just see them for who they are – human. And humans will do whatever they can to keep a business or any other type of establishment open. Research is important. Making sure that you keep an open mind is important too. Just because someone comes off as nice and trustworthy doesn’t necessarily mean that behind those rose-colored glasses is someone you can rely on. Research and common sense proves often that those who seem trustworthy often are not. There are many good humans out there, just be careful on who you think is “pedestal-worthy.” Often folks who scheme are the last ones who think they did anything wrong, and getting an apology out of them is far and few.

Vanessa Benjamin-Rus

Grand Lake