Vanessa Rus: Frustrated with reckless driving |

Vanessa Rus: Frustrated with reckless driving

To the Editor:

One of the things that continues to frustrate me is the reckless driving of those in this county who think that no matter how big their truck or SUV may be that their tires are impervious to the ice and slick weather conditions and would keep them from crashing or causing another accident…

Well, sorry, genius: YOU’RE WRONG ON THAT ONE. If you have any brain matter that might lead you to having any form of COMMON SENSE try this instead: If you think that blinking your headlights on and off at me and riding the backside of my car may cause me to drive as recklessly as you do, why don’t you just drive around me onto the other lane and experience that no matter what you may think about your truck with tires … I’ll be the one heading home safely, whilst I drive by seeing YOUR CAR IN A DITCH.

Sometimes individuals such as yourself may one day realize that sometimes ending up in a ditch or worse may cause you to rethink your arrogant ways and understand that Mother Nature has quite the ONE UP on you and your truck.

Vanessa Rus

Grand Lake

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