Vanessa Rus: How can Colorado turn down civil unions but allow medical marijuana? |

Vanessa Rus: How can Colorado turn down civil unions but allow medical marijuana?

To the Editor:

I am a conservative female but I am not a backwards thinker. It truly baffles me how the state of Colorado will reject the latest attempt at a civil unions bill but allows marijuana laws to continue.

To me, this is backwards thinking, as well as dangerous. Educators and the like know that marijuana is the gateway drug to other drugs. There is nothing beneficial when using marijuana, nothing that proves that marijuana and dispensaries alike will bring enough financial revenue that would help with financial problems within a county or state.

How is it that the state of Colorado could continuously allow something so harmful to pass and yet when it comes to love (and we need to leave out church and state) that a couple is not allowed to share in the same benefits as my husband and I do? Where is the harm in that?

Do civil unions cause break-ins and death? Do civil unions cause people to go from one drug to another harmful drug? Isn’t love the most powerful drug of all? Can we stop putting religion into something that is so incredibly personal? Love should be one of the only drugs allowed. It’s never harmful and it certainly doesn’t lead to the downfall of human dignity.

The state of Colorado and religious leaders need to focus on the fact that God and Christ didn’t have bias to such things. To me, God and Christ would rather have peace and love between human beings of all shapes, sizes, race, sex, creed and what have you. Christ didn’t have large buildings to preach in. Christ didn’t tell any of his followers whom they should or should not love. It was the ideology of man to refurbish God’s word. God loves all his children, regardless. Keep religion out of the personal matters of one’s life.

Allow same-sex couples to share in the rights of heterosexual couples. They are not asking for “marriage.” They are only asking to be covered under similar statutes of heterosexual couples. Get rid of the marijuana laws. Those laws are RUINING LIVES.

Vanessa Rus

Grand Lake

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