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Veterans Corner

Thank you for your service.

Hope your summer is going well and not too short.

A couple of news items, but first: If you have not found your DD-214 or discharge papers, get with me and let’s get that done.

Veterans, if you need health care and have not enrolled, call me.

It is now taking 60 days for enrollment and up to 90 days to get an appointment. If you need immediate care, take your DD-214 and go to Denver VA Hospital at 9th and Clermont and go to the emergency room.

They can also help you get enrolled in the VA Health Care System.

Veterans, please make sure you make your health appointments. Last month there were 4,580 no-shows at VA health facilities.

There are new updates on the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder compensation, and it does help veterans.

Women Veterans, there is a commission going on right now to ensure that your health care is more in tune with you. To provide input, go to, or give me a call.

The Veterans Administration has come a long way from its origins to today. There are 27 million veterans across this great nation, and with the war going on, there will be many more of us.

The returning veterans need the VA. Our country has vowed to never make our veterans feel used and thrown to the wayside, like past wars. The best way to help is to be part of an organization that promotes veterans (such as VFW, TREA, American Legion, DAV, PVA and others).

If you have not heard of the Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation, go to and research. It is the largest memorial for the Veterans whose home of record is Colorado at the time of enlistment, from the Spanish American War to today. The memorial will be erected outside the Buckley Air Station. It will also include those veterans from Colorado still missing in action from other wars. To date, there are approximately 6,000 Coloradans from these wars.

I am starting an online newsletter.

If you would like to receive it, please send me your email and I will pass information along (and promise to keep it simple).

Have a great summer.

Dave Jones 970-509-9024 or email at

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