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Veterans Corner

Dave Jones
Grand County Veterans Service Officer

I hope the new year has brought some sunshine and one day closer to spring. Let me start off with the fact the Veterans Administration (VA) has got a lot in front of them with the new added services and the fact that Veterans now more than ever need their services.

Veterans make sure you have a DD214 in your possession and your family or friends know where it’s available. If you do not have a DD214, give me a call. This document is the most important piece of paper you can have. Without the DD214 it can delay time for processing and for family to be able to help you if you become unable to manage yourself.

I know I talk about it in every article, but just recently I have had families come to me for help and the Veteran does not have a DD214 available and has not shared with family and friends about their service to our great nation. Many of us have served during a time when computers were just getting started, especially us who had service numbers for ID and not our Social Security Numbers. Without the DD214 time to get help is delayed until the Record Centers throughout the nation find you in their system.

Please, Veterans, take the time and locate your DD214 and share with your families and your service to our great nation. Families write down your Veteran’s story so you can pass the story along to the younger generation. You will be glad you did. We all know too well our memory fades and things get forgotten, especially the good times and good memories of our service. Veterans know that you can file your DD214 with the county at the clerk and recorder office at no cost.

Veterans, the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs (CBVA) would like all Veterans to go to and take the Veterans survey. The data gathered from this survey will help the CBVA formulate their strategy to get the Veterans of Colorado the entitlements they deserve.

Veterans who have been in countries where Agent Orange was used: The VA has added more illnesses to the list. If you were in Vietnam, Korea or believe you were exposed and you have questions about Agent Orange, go to or call me.

Veterans, if you are in the VA system do not ignore billing statements or statement of payments for healthcare, services or medicine. If you have questions please contact the number on the statement or call me. These monies owed don’t go away unless you pay, make arrangement for payment or get a wavier of debt.

If you do not it will hit you at the worst time, like when you are filing for Social Security or any form of compensation or disability. The VA works with all kinds of payment systems and wavier of debts if you can not pay because of hardships. Any questions give me a call, I can help.

VA’s medical healthcare hardship program could help Veterans qualify for VA enrollment for health care services if they had a recent change in their income, even if they were previously denied enrollment based on their household income. Veterans who have put off applying for VA enrollment because they thought their income was too high may want to reconsider applying if their projected current year’s income is lower.

Hardship may be approved if the Veteran’s current year income is substantially reduced from the prior year. Personal circumstances such as loss of employment, sudden decrease in income or increases in out-of-pocket veteran or family health care expenses factor into VA’s hardship determination for the Veteran. Please contact me for questions and application into the VA health care system.

Veterans, watch for more information on the Cold War Medal – it is gaining speed and well worth the effort. There are Veterans, Congressman and many people in this great cause for issuing this Medal for the Veterans who were in the service of their country during the Cold War.

Veterans and families, do not hesitate to call me if you have questions, make an appointment or just want to talk. Call my office at 970-724-3122 or cell phone, 970-509-9024. Most of the time I am out visiting Veterans, so call and let’s make an appointment. I can meet you at the office or a place of your convenience. I am here to help you as an advocate for your Veterans Services. Thanks for your service to our great nation.