Vickie Johnson: Finding local workers can be difficult |

Vickie Johnson: Finding local workers can be difficult

To the Editor:

In response to Vanessa Rus’ letter in the June 29 edition, in Grand Lake, I own Mama Bears (The Bears Den) and my son owns Mimi’z Pizza in Granby. I only hire local people – all of my employees in both restaurants live in Grand Lake and the Granby area.

I have 12 employees that have worked for me for six years at The Bear’s Den. I was saddened two years ago, when I said to my crew that I was not going to hire any foreigners. Do not get me wrong, I love the people from around the world that have worked for me. I could not have made it that summer without their help.

I believe that we do need to hire local people, but Vanessa, I myself have not had one application from anyone in Grand Lake this year or last year. So sometimes as a restaurant owner we have to go outside our area to hire. We all have to have someone here to work, to help our businesses and to provide a great place for out tourist industry to want to come back time after time.

We as a town work together to make Grand Lake the best place to be on earth. So Vanessa, please have your husband come by and see me about a job. Maybe I have a place for him at Mama Bears or Mimiz’s Pizza. Thank You

Vickie Johnson

Grand Lake

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