Visiting Grand County from out of town? Stop by the library |

Visiting Grand County from out of town? Stop by the library

by Barbara Heffron
Grand County libraries

You find yourself sore and tired after a morning of hiking, biking, or fishing. Now you are ready to relax, but the kids are still full of energy. What do you do? Where can you go? One of Grand County’s wonderful libraries, of course.

Best yet, you don’t have to live here to own a library card. If you are a member of another Colorado library, bring your home library card into any Grand County library along with another form of identification (i.e., a driver’s license), and upon completing an application, you will be issued a card for the Grand County Library District (GCLD). If you are visiting from out of state or don’t have your home library card with you, you can become a one-year member of GCLD for just $20.

But you don’t need a library card to enjoy all of the great benefits. Here are some free things to do at the library.

Story hours: Each library hosts children’s story hours for all ages. Whether you’re here for the summer or just visiting for a few days, your child can enjoy listening to stories, making crafts or participating in a special program. Story times vary at each branch, so call any library to get the schedules or check for times in the local newspaper.

Computers: Let your friends know how much fun you’re having; send an email or pictures using one of our computers. You can surf the Internet to catch up on the latest news or to finish that research paper. If you’d prefer to use your own laptop, you can use our wireless connection.

Games: Most branches have board games to play at the library. You may find building blocks, puzzles or puppets. If you would rather play alone, borrow a CD-rom to play on one of our public computers.

Research: Peruse our extensive selection of books to discover what animal made that footprint on your hike; find out how to bake at high altitudes or learn the history of how this county was settled. Can’t find the answer? Then get the facts from a research expert – a librarian.

These are conveniences you can find at our libraries for a small fee:

Print boarding passes: If you have a flight to catch, for just 10 cents a page you can print your boarding passes at any Grand County library before you get to the airport. Be sure to check the hours for the library closest to you if you are concerned about a 24-hour timeframe to check in.

Send/receive faxes: If you are doing business in Grand County and need to send or receive a fax, a librarian can help you get that important document to the right place.

Buy books: Take a cozy mystery with you on a picnic in the national forest, and finish it on the plane. The Friends of the Grand County Library have books available for a small donation.

Make copies: After you’ve caught that big fish and want to prove it to all your friends back home, bring your flash drive in to print copies from your camera. Black and white copies are 10 cents each, and color copies are $1.50.

These are just a sample of services our libraries offer to everyone. Be sure to check this newspaper or any of GCLD’s libraries to learn about special programs. Feel free to stop in and take a look around. You will be greeted with a smile.

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