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W. Grand High School Homecoming starts Sept. 17

Jessica Smith

The students of West Grand High School are ready to celebrate Homecoming next week, from Monday Sept. 17 to Friday Sept. 21. This year’s theme will be “Hunger Games,” in reference to the popular young adult novel that was made into a movie earlier this year.

Weekly activities take their name and inspiration from the Hunger Games theme, using names from the novel like Reaping Day (during which students wear their class colors), and Warrior day (featuring sports competitions such as PowderPuff, Dodgeball and Macho Volleyball).

Inter-school competition is encouraged during Survival of the Districts, a scavenger hunt pitting class against class in gathering specific items that represent basic necessities (similar to what the characters do in the Hunger Games novels). Week-long competition occurs among the classes for possession of the school Spirit Stick.

“Our Homecoming is always a great time to engage the students, West Grand alumni, and entire community in school spirit,” said Melanie Schmidt, Social Studies and Special Education teacher at West Grand High School.

“We are very lucky to have a huge level of support for our schools and it is always great to have so many people participate in our activities. Our school spirit is alive and strong and we always look forward to showcasing it during Homecoming week.”

“It’s always a very exciting week and we have a great time,” said Nick Ritschard, a junior at the high school. “Our parents and community show a huge level of support. We are looking forward to the football and volleyball games against Rangely and hope we have a lot of people come out and watch the games.”

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