Watch out, downtown Granby just might grow on you |

Watch out, downtown Granby just might grow on you

To the Editor:Isn’t it a pleasure to drive through Granby these days? Flowers, welcome signs, raised planters our sleepy little town is awakening with color. The Granby Design Committee would like to extend its sincere thanks and appreciation to MB Landscaping & Gardens and Cold Springs Nursery for participating and helping realize the committee and town’s landscaping vision. The committee began in October 2007, formed by Betsy Cook, the Downtown Enhancement director. The express purpose was to find ways to spruce up and make downtown Granby more inviting and attractive.After months of meetings, brainstorming, and research, the first phase was decided to add planters along the main street and build up and plant city owned areas. After receiving many local bids, the decision was made and Cold Springs Nursery and MB Landscaping & Gardens were hired to implement the committee’s design.We have been thrilled with their results. Both companies were professional and accommodating to work with during the entire project. They brought great ideas and were excited about being part of this visionary team.The seeds of change and enhancement have been planted and the Design Committee is thrilled to see it blossom. We would like to thank Granby Medical for being observant and sensitive to match the designs that had been started by the committee. Their brickwork and coordination efforts are noticed and appreciated. It is these small but very important collaborative steps that will make a positive and consistent difference in our downtown. We want the community to know that this is just the beginning. We look forward to cultivating positive and attractive change along the streets of downtown Granby. We reap what we sow, and as a growing and promising downtown, we will have a bounty to reap.Thanks again to Cold Springs Nursery, MB Landscaping and Granby Medical for helping with the first step.The Design Committee