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Wayne Kerber: Break the ‘Good-Ole Boy’ network at Granby Fire

To the Editor:

A lot of people may not realize it, but there are many special districts in this county and their election date is May 8. Only a few will have contested elections and Grand Fire Protection District #1 (Granby Fire Department) is one of those contested.

The incumbents are board president Jeffery Crane and Mark Krieg and they have been on that board for a long time and were once volunteer firefighters serving under the chief and are good friends with Chief Dave Boyes. The challengers are Gary Nordloh and Clifford (Woody) Wood, who have been residents in this community for a long time and are concerned with accountability and the spending of your tax dollars in these economic times. What has happened with the fire department over the years is that the board of directors and the administration has gotten closer and out of contact with the community that they serve and have become a “Good Ole Boy” board that has given the chief a blank check (carte blanc) to run the department as he wants. And so he has built a dynasty with your tax dollars which needs to change.

The other thing this board is working on is trying to acquire property and build another station up north on Highway 34 where at this time they have no or a very limited amount of volunteers.

I personally believe that in these economic times, they should be conservative with your tax dollars and investigate other means to get this coverage. One possibility is to negotiate with Grand Lake to try to make their south station a combined station like what they did with East Grand on top of Red Dirt Hill.

All this said, I would like to recommend that the voters cast their votes for accountability and a view from outside of the department instead of having more current or retired firefighters on the board than concerned citizens looking out for your best interest. Please vote for Gary Nordloh and Clifford (Woody) Wood to represent you on this board. If you have not received your ballot in the mail already, please stop by the headquarters station in Granby or call 970-887-3380.

Wayne Kerber

Retired 25-year volunteer firefighter