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Wear you helmet

On a recent Sunday four close girlfriends met at my house for a bike ride. From my house the plan was to ride down County 5 to the Fraser ball fields and return the same way.

It was a typical glorious morning here in the valley. We chatted and enjoyed the gathering of friends. Just a short distance from CR 5 and US 40 my close friend D fell off her bike, hit her head and sustained severe injuries. She wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Before you get on your bike without a helmet, stop for just two minutes. In those minutes think about your family and friends and how devastated they will be if you get injured. You are putting on the helmet for them, not just you. Put on that helmet because of all those people that surround you and love you very much.

My close friend has a long recovery. I wish for her to heal and be that laughing happy person once again.

Patricia Berman