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Weimer: No new gun law stops madmen

To the Editor:

Does anyone really think that the Second amendment is talking about hunting

or target shooting? This amendment guarantees the right of the individual to

own, shoot and trade current technologically advanced weapons such as the AR

and AK type semi-auto rifles so that the government fears the people, not

the other way around.

The second amendment (one of 10 called the Bill of Rights which limits the

power of the federal government to interfere with you and I) is the teeth

behind the Constitution of the United States. If the Second Amendment falls,

the other nine will soon follow.

Do you realized how serious this issue is to the American way of life?

Madmen will always kill and maim innocents. No new gun law will stop that.

Thou shall not murder has been a law since creation.

Terry Weimer

Hot Sulphur Springs

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