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Welcome to Granby, ‘A covenant controlled town’

To the Editor:

We are sorry but your car is over the maximum age of five years, and that god awful yellow is not an approved color. Please leave.

I think the HOAs and the covenant CONTROLLED communities are getting out of hand and overstepping their boundaries. I don’t mean to pick on HOAs or the covenants (yes I do), but they are the only people who tell others what they CAN and CANNOT do in their communities. I would bet that the people chewing at the mayor’s ear are members of an HOA, or a covenant board who feel the need to tell other people to live how THEY see fit.

Because they have been very successful in their efforts to control their environments, they are now looking to further their efforts. If we don’t put a stop to them now, my fear is we will be living in a communist state.

But that fear is short-lived, as I believe the American spirit for FREEDOM is stronger than all the HOAs and covenants combined.

For those that need guidance. HOAs and covenants are a godsend, but keep it in your own yard, or start your own town and leave FREE AMERICA alone.

Mike Pierce

Grand Lake