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West Grand 5th-graders tour landfill

Leia Larsen

KREMMLING — West Grand 5th-graders got a whiff of what it's like to manage a landfill with some hands-on science lessons last Thursday, May 1.

The students learned about where to locate a landfill, calculated how much trash their families generate each week and thought about how to reuse landfills after they're closed. They flagged study plots and calculated how much material could be recycled. They concocted their own leachate and considered its environmental consequences.

"It started as an Earth Day-based lesson about 'where does our garbage go?'" said fifth-grade teacher Leslie Crosby. This is the second year she's organized the landfill field-trip.

"I love putting together experiences that connect to the state standards, and also are able to integrate subject areas (that) allow the students time to problem solve outside the classroom in 'real' situations," she said. "Students need more of these kinds of learning opportunities to begin to put the world's problems into perspective."