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West Grand needs to attract more students

Regarding the article “West Grand officials nix ‘Friday school” – So the Friday program hasn’t worked out liked it was hoped. So now we are left with a four day program and no supplemental Friday program.

We should step back and ask ourselves whether we would have changed to the four day week in the first place if this is where we’d end up. If the answer is no, then we should be asking ourselves whether the four day week was a good decision.

It’s time to take a harder look at the four day school week and ask if it’s what’s best for students and the community. Unfortunately, given that we’re now looking at serious budget cuts we’re not even willing to look at anything that would improve the schools. We’re in a mode of thinking that has us just trying to minimize the damage.

We’re bleeding 15 kids a year. We can’t field a high school baseball team. We can’t field a youth hockey team and a basketball team simultaneously. We have a great ice arena that is underutilized. Kremmling needs to give parents more reasons to move here, not leave.

We should be considering how the decisions we are making today will impact the community five years from now. And as I see it the current decisions can only hurt the community.

We’re only perpetuating the fact that Kremmling is a hard place to live for anyone with kids and a regular 8-5 job. The school shouldn’t be a baby-sitter, but the school needs to increase enrollment, and the decisions we are making now are only going to further decrease enrollment. The community, being as small as it is, doesn’t offer many private options for parents.

The direction we’re heading in now is a town full of kid-less commuters with no sense of community or interest in the town. Kremmling has a lot of potential and a lot more going for it than outsiders realize. We have to make decisions today that make people want to live here, not leave.

Mark Mahorney


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