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What makes a good neighbor?

Damaris Acevedo
Forever Young editor
Grand County, CO Colorado

You are at the post office, and you see a person open the door for an older man walking in and holding the door for the lady walking out. Then you see this person help the lady with her mail and help her to her car. You think, “That is something you don’t see very often.”

This is true. People have become so busy with their own lives that they have no time to help others, even if it’s only for an instant.

Why has it become so hard for us to lend a “helping hand” to those in need of assistance? Nowadays, people have become too self-involved. Each person has their own problems and they tend to only focus on themselves without thinking of other people. If they decide to do something for someone else, they want something in return. Where has the “good Samaritan” gone?

A “good neighbor” doesn’t have to be someone who lives down the street, or even a friend you’ve known for years. A “good neighbor” can be someone who stops in the middle of the road to pick up someone who’s walking down the highway when it is below zero, or someone who stops to help a stranger whose car broke down and needs a jump start.

A “good neighbor” can even be someone who helps a customer at the store to take their groceries out to the car. I define a “good neighbor” to be someone who helps another without wanting something in return – they do it because they “love thy neighbor.”

There are good neighbors out there. For example, there are teachers who spend extra time with their students to help them understand the algebra lesson even though they have gone over the problems various times. There are teachers who will welcome their students into the classroom, even if they aren’t in that class, to help them with their compare/contrast essay papers due the next day.

There are school counselors that have known you for years and are still looking out for you: giving you advice about getting your life together, knowing he really cares about you. Or, the new counselor who always has her door open for you and will make you laugh every time you see her just because she loves to see you smile.

Managers who run a fast-food restaurant are always busy preparing schedules, fixing orders, and carrying the load of their employees. However, there are managers who are good neighbors because they take time to listen to your daily problems and give you advice about how to deal with them. They talk to you with respect and show they actually care about you. They become more than a manager – they become your friends.

There are co-workers who make you laugh and make your job fun and easy, especially since they can actually do their job right. They become your family, even though you are not from the same race.

There are editors who, at first glance, intimidate and even scare you, but in the end, turn out to be outgoing and very influential. They take their time to train interns about the newspaper and give them skills that will help them in life. Journalists also help their interns by training them well at their job and who become good friends.

Sky-Hi News prints ‘Good Neighbor Awards’ about citizens who have been nominated by those they helped. It is nice to read about the small stories of community members taking time out of their busy lives to help others in many ways. It is nice to know that we live in a community where people do small gestures for others, expecting nothing in return.

I thank those who have helped by a small gesture and those who have done more than given a hand. It’s comforting knowing there are people out there who go out of their way to help others.

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