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What should the entrance sign to Winter Park say?

Autumn Phillips
Sky-Hi Daily News
Winter Park, Colorado

As the Winter Park Town Council looked at a photo of a new entrance sign to Winter Park, members saw an opportunity.

The sample sign reads, “Welcome to the Town of Winter Park, Elevation: 12,060′, Highest Incorporated Municipality in North America.”

Although downtown Winter Park sits at 9,000 feet, Winter Park includes the Winter Park Ski Resort that reaches an elevation of 12,060′ as advertised on the new sign.

Alma and Leadville claim similar distinctions. Leadville sits at 10,430 feet and Alma is at an elevation of approximately 10,578 feet.

“If we put that on our sign, will we get push back from Leadville?” asked mayor pro-tem Rusty Thompson. “I don’t want to end up in a fight like Fraser did over ‘Icebox of the Nation’.”

Councilor Vince Turner said the “highest incorporated municipality” claim was correct.

“I Googled it, searched LexisNexis,” Turner said. “We’re safe here.”

Perhaps it’s accurate, but one councilor wondered if it was the right approach.

“That’s it?” councilor Chris Seemann said when he saw the proposed sign. “That’s all we got? That we’re the highest?

“I love the sign, I love the look, but we’ve got an opportunity here.”

Councilor Mike Periolat agreed.

“We’ve got a lot going on besides being the highest town,” he said. “Can we use something like Mountain Bike Capital?”

Winter Park Town Manager Drew Nelson suggested the discussion be tabled until the next meeting. In the meantime, he said, the town staff will ask to the chamber staff and the marketing department of the Winter Park Resort for suggestions.

“When you get an opportunity like this, you shouldn’t waste it,” Seemann said. “That (sign) is your front door.”

Once a tagline has been chosen and the sign ordered, the new Welcome to Winter Park sign will be installed across from the entrance to Mary Jane.

The sign will look much like the “Discover Downtown Winter Park” already standing in town.

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