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When will the partisan sparring ever end?

I read with dismay the column by Felicia Muftic last week and want to know when all this verbal sparring between the parties will end. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican at heart, but a member of the Common Sense party who votes, regardless of political affiliation, for fiscal responsibility with a conscience.

As these two ideals have become mutually exclusive, hard choices will have to be made. Negative rhetoric only further distances potential solutions.

Ms. Muftic should know that finger-pointing and party bashing serve no purpose and distract from substantive discussions that can lead to “real” dynamic change. She should also know that there are plenty of idiots representing both parties in Washington to ensure that gridlock is the order of the day. And each administration, even Mr. Clinton’s, has contributed to the mess we are in now.

Rather than berating and bullying, maybe Ms. Muftic could be constructive and try to adhere to an old saying that begins something like this: People (or parties) who live in glass houses …

John M. Movius

Grand Lake

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