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Who in Grand County needs all that Front Range money after all?

To the Editor:

A recent letter to the editor from a Grand County “customer service” worker, Emily Petefish, gave me a feeling of relief. The relief comes from knowing that in Grand County there are people like Emily who do not need the revenue and tax dollars contributed by Front Range homeowners.

For many Americans the economy has not been good lately. It is nice to hear that people like Emily are doing well enough to “cringe” at the thought of revenue coming from the Front Range and are in a position to send business away. When a “customer service” worker can take the liberty to insult her customer base in a newspaper column, things must be going her way.

Her disdain for the Front Range crowd might be well founded. After all, who would want to be involved with any aspect of the construction and maintenance of those “unnecessary” second homes, the sale of food, entertainment, consumables, insurance and real-estate services, skis and lift tickets, ugly sports clothing, and the sale of anything else to those coming up for the weekend? Perhaps Emily would like to teach others, living in Summit, Pitkin, and Eagle counties a lesson in customer service and how to keep those Front Range consumers away.

Arn Rasker

Front Range/Granby