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Whose side is political cartoonist on, anyway?

To the Editor:

Awww. The June 16 cartoonist decided our Guantanamo forces should let “blind justice go,” complete with her scales.

Spare me the naivete please. Maybe you’d prefer the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) ” the mastermind of Sept. 11 who arranged the plotters’ vision be approved through Pakistan and Iran ” be let go? Whose side are you on?

Just for the record, in Grand County I received a letter from President George W. Bush in February 2006 for telling him of our Veterans Day breakfast, and supporting his attempts to liberate the Middle East, despite the liberals’ objections.

I think your problem is you’re just too apathetic and frivolous in these very serious times when a determined enemy wishes you and I no good. Wake up.

Chris Daley